Anga Afrika- Luxury Tented camps in the suburbs of Karen, Nairobi

Glamping is an exciting new trend that combines the luxuries of staying in a hotel while being close to mother nature without having to pitch a tent yourself. If this sounds like your type of getaway, look no further. One family has redefined luxury camping in the city by setting up a one of a … Continue reading Anga Afrika- Luxury Tented camps in the suburbs of Karen, Nairobi


Scenic Lake Elementaita in Pictures.

This beautiful country doesn't fall short of exciting destinations.Lake Elementaita was on our list and we finally decided to call out the remaining flamingos. Most have moved on from here, their food source depleted by pollution.For any avid birder in Kenya, the salty water lake offers a wide array of birds, from pelicans to kingfishers, … Continue reading Scenic Lake Elementaita in Pictures.

When in Ethiopia Part 3-Coffee shops

If you love coffee, you probably already know that Ethiopian coffee is perhaps the best in the world. I definitely know it is 🙂 ,I drank a lot of coffee when I was in Ethiopia and it kept me awake my entire trip.Not only will you want to drink as many cups of the goodness … Continue reading When in Ethiopia Part 3-Coffee shops

When in Ethiopia Part 1-North

Hello Lovelies:) For those of you who follow us on Instagram  you know  I (Liz) took a 3 day work related trip to Addis Ababa,Ethiopia.This was my second  visit to the Horn of Africa and I was aflame to say the least.I remember how my first visit was all work related denying me an opportunity … Continue reading When in Ethiopia Part 1-North

Fort Jesus Tour

We embarked on a past Mombasa visit,check out the previous post here.This time round we decided to take a tour of the majestic Fort Jesus.Brian and I have always had a keen interest in old structures with a deep history to them and Fort Jesus certainly had its fair share of curiosities and wonders. We … Continue reading Fort Jesus Tour

Haller Park,Mombasa

Our travel journey started a long time ago and It's no secret that we've always had a deeper love affair with nature and wildlife. A while back we were at the coast and we visited Haller Park. Known to some as the "green" quarry,this park has been reborn to a small private ecological nature sanctuary. … Continue reading Haller Park,Mombasa

Lake Oloiden Campsite

  We all wish we could escape to our favorite hole or walk away from work.Well, not really but equally as enticing (for us at this moment), is camping. Directions: Public Board a matatu bound for Naivasha from Nairobi at Oilibya Petrol Station along Ronald Ngala Street. Transport 200/= (price subject to matatu shenanigans; it's … Continue reading Lake Oloiden Campsite