Anga Afrika- Luxury Tented camps in the suburbs of Karen, Nairobi

Glamping is an exciting new trend that combines the luxuries of staying in a hotel while being close to mother nature without having to pitch a tent yourself. If this sounds like your type of getaway, look no further. One family has redefined luxury camping in the city by setting up a one of a kind eco camp right at the capital. When booking a Kenyan safari, Nairobi as a destination barely comes to mind, not to mention Nairobi being the only city in the world with a national park at its backyard.

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Hidden in the beautiful Karen suburbs, Anga Afrika is home to a luxury safari tented camp, a nature lover’s paradise where you can simply unwind, relax and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. This indulgent glamping stay is the perfect escape for city slickers offering luxurious comfort. Anga Afrika is a family based eco friendly camp owned by The Trompell’s who manage it with a small team of staff. The camp is ideally located in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital close to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

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How to get there,

Drive from Nairobi Central Business District to Karen Shopping Centre, either via Lang’ata Road, Ngong Road or the southern bypass. Drive on Dagoretti Road past The Hub till you get to Africa International University. Branch on a dirt road on the left which has a sign post to Anga Afrika and the famous catholic Resurrection Gardens and drive for around 2.5 km to get to your destination.

GPS co-ordinates -01.3134722, 036.6728417

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Once you enter the compound, you easily notice the Trompell’s house and further, the camp which is surrounded by tall trees in a green, well catered compound with manicured lawns. At the center, is a large tent comprising of a really cosy lounge and a restaurant which has embedded both modern and conventional styles. The lighting is made up of the traditional lamps which have been skillfully and creatively made to act as the bulb holders. Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling creatively made out of scrap metal, foldable seats made of the maasai-shuka fabric and a music system with surround technology to entertain the guests with soft music while relaxing at the lounge. What you easily notice at this communal tent is the well thought modern-african decor and attention to detail.

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The camp’s chef, George, who has an accent from the coast of Kenya, is a skillful master of art, who articulately prepares a mouth watering plate without forgetting a good portion of vegetables to create a balanced diet.

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The camp is made up of six canvas tents namely cheetah, chui, ndovu, punda milia, simba and twiga. Being eco-friendly, all the lighting is solar powered and is available all day.The accommodation offered is tempting to say the least!  The permanent safari-style tents are quite spacious, configured for sleeping in queen, double or individual beds, and access to private restrooms and shower facilities. Each has a clothing rack, a safe and an outdoor deck with chairs, a table and sunbeds. From the swahili tent names to the african decor inside, these luxurious tents will give you an aura of the Mara, while still  in the capital, Nairobi. There a few travel magazines on the night stand to give you an idea of where to visit, what to do while in Nairobi and also in Kenya.

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There is an outdoor communal area with comfortable seats to allow you enjoy tranquility away from the smoke and noise of the city, catch up on your favorite author, finish up on some urgent work or even set up a campfire. The gardens are well maintained with beautiful flowers, small budding trees, short, green grass which is home to the resident tortoise who you might occasionally spot crawling around but still wary of its surroundings not to forget the metallic warthogs that are carefully placed on the grounds 🙂

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Though we did not get to stay the night, the camp comes to life at night and guarantees a one of a kind experience that will always be etched in your memory. The camp has a fast wireless internet connection which is accessible within the camp.

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While staying at the luxury tented camp, you can engage in the following activities ;

Whether a resident or a non-resident, if you’re dreaming of a great safari in Kenya then make sure you experience this eco-friendly camp offering a wonderful Kenyan safari experience.

To book a stay kindly visit their website or contact us





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