Chasing Scenery in Ngong Hills

If magnificent landscapes and majestic views are your sort of thing then stick with us. What originally started out as a hiking adventure turned to be a really fun filled exploring day blame it on the weather in Nairobi during November .

Welcome to our Blog series’ The Nairobi Tourist’ part two where we get to explore Ngong Hills  🙂


Ngong Hills is a popular day-trip destination for visitors. The hills are ideal for picnics, hiking or just a relaxing walk. Kenya Forest Services (KFS) protects the reserve.They have a small post at the foot of the park where visitors pay a small fee to access it. There is an active wind farm on the hills too.

 Active Wind Farm

How to Get There


Board matatu number 111 (fare 80-150/=) at railways station and alight at Ngong town. From there get a boda boda (70/=) and ask to be dropped at the Kenya Forest Services post at the foot of the hills.


Drive to Ngong Town, turn right at Kibiko stage past Naivas supermarket and Kajiado North Deputy County Commissioner’s office till you get to the end of tarmac and a dirt road on the right. Follow the dirt road till you get to the Kenya Forest Service post.

Co-ordinates -1.381111,36.635556



Hiking Trail

The hiking trail on the Ngong Hills starts from Ngong town at the foot of the hills , and traverses the top edge of the range to the end at Kona Baridi. This takes about 4 to 5 hour to complete, depending on fitness levels. The first 2 kilometers from Ngong Police Station are a gradual ascent through human settlements until you get to a Kenya Forest Service barrier indicating the start of the Ngong Hills forest reserve. From here on, you go past a wind farm, before climbing the first steep hill leading to an area populated with Radio repeater station masts.The trail thins out and descents into a trough before you climb the next steep hill. Just when you think the worst is over, the rolling hills seem to keep popping up, with each taking its toll on you.


The views all round are magnificent. To your right is a fantastic view of the Great Rift Valley, while on the far left is a view of the City of Nairobi. A few locals, mainly the Maasai ,are seen selling their custom made jewelry to visitors at the foot of the hills.

View of the Great Rift valley


Things to carry,

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • It is chilly up there,wise to wear layers;climbing breaks a sweat ,but the wind on top as you marvel the view cuts right through you.
  • Pack some snacks and water before you get into the reserve as there is nowhere to purchase food or drinks up there





Despite the rains forcing us to change our hiking plans we had a great time enjoying the views and much needed fresh air.







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