The Moorings & Coba Cabanna in Mtwapa.

We spent a relaxing weekend at the majestic Royal Palms Apartments and while there we decided to explore Mtwapa.Popularly knows as the Las Vegas of the Kenyan Coast, Mtwapa has a lot to offer in terms of fun,food and adventure,our forte. We visited two restaurants that are both unique and fun in their own way 🙂

1.The Moorings Floating Restaurant.


The Moorings is not your ordinary restaurant. Nestled amid mangrove trees the restaurant offers a unique dining experience with spectacular views on an out of this world waterfront setting. As you take the short walk from the parking lot down to the water’s edge, the unmistakable smell of the ocean wafts up towards you as the cool, gentle breeze caresses your skin leading you to the gangway linking the restaurant to the land.A marvel to behold; the wooden deck is built on a buoyant platform. The open sides coupled the makuti roof ensures that diners remain cool and comfortable even during the coast’s hot, sultry season.


Seating arrangements are either within the restaurant or under umbrellas on deck extending out from the main restaurant. The reception is both warm, friendly and the staff are eager to seat you and take your order.



The Mooring’s menu showcases cuisine which includes starters, the main course that ranges from fish and seafood, poultry, beef, various salads and pasta dishes and finally, a delectable variety of desserts. The restaurants offers an equally exciting range of dishes to cater for vegetarians too. For the in between hours, they have a range of lip smacking snacks such as fish fingers, chicken wings, samosa and bruschetta. The restaurant also serves a selection of pizza meticulously created and baked in a traditional Italian clay oven . Oozing with cheese, one bite and you are transported back to Italy!


At the end of your sumptuous meal, it’s relaxing to sit out on deck with your drink of choice in hand, taking in the cool ocean breeze and listening to the soothing sound of the lapping waves. If you are lucky, you may even sight flying-fish leap in and out of the water as they make their way up the creek.


The Marina

For the more adventurous, Moorings is much more than just a restaurant; it is also a marina with boats harbored at the jetty. It is possible to hire a boat and explore the full lengths of the Mtwapa Creek as it winds into the hinterland rich with palm groves, mangrove swamps and other lush coastal vegetation. Ocean-going vessels are also available for those who prefer a day out enjoying deep ocean fishing, not to forget water ski-ing up the creek. With the boat surging ahead full throttle and the wind in your hair, this adrenaline filled activity is super fun but not for the faint hearted!


The Dhow

Docked by the restaurant is the Mooring’s dhow, a typical Arab sailing vessel with the capacity of twenty people.This floating restaurant in Mtwapa offers sun downer Dhow Cruise every day.The Moorings dhow keeps traditions of the past with a hint of modernity through comfortable pillow seats and and an engine that allows for movement even without the wind.


You sail off to the sunset and slowly stop few meters from the restaurant, enjoying drinks and snacks provided.The cruise is perfect for weddings photo shoots and parties. The experience is one of kind, it’s something to experience and create the memories to cherish forever!


What you need to know ;

  • The dhow goes for Ksh.2000 per person;
  • The dhow leaves at exactly 5:30pm and returns at 7:30pm everyday.
  • To reserve call:  0700 720 388/ 0723 032 536

2.Coba Cabanna Beach Bar and Restaurant

This little place is a well hidden gem.It’s vibrant and filled with so much fun activities from beach football and volleyball to horse riding. Coba Cabanna is a hit in Mtwapa. Set at the ocean front this restaurant serves both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks,local Swahili delicacies,snacks and quick bites. You can easily access it through bodaboda or privatew means.

Here are a few snippets of our Coba Cabanna experience;



Brian’s beach footprints


Yummy Local delicacies







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