When in Ethiopia Part 2- Addis Ababa

Hello 🙂

So part 1 was all about the North part of Ethiopia with its magnificent scenery and landscapes get to read it here.In this post I’ll be sharing a few places I visited within the capital-Addis Ababa. Watch the Ethiopia vlog  My Trip to Ethiopia and don’t forget to subscribe:)

  1. Addis Mercato Market

Mercato is the Largest open air market we have in Africa mainly trading Agricultural products but you can also buy souvenirs and clothes.It’s crowded, it’s chaotic, but the Addis Mercato is so incredibly entertaining and full of life and character, that walking around was one of my best experiences in Ethiopia, it’s also a great place to buy nothing and just go to watch the crowds of people and observe the incredible loads being carried from place to place.

View of Mercato Market
Handwoven baskets used to store Injera

 2.Bole Medhane Alem cathedral

Bole,sub-city of Addis Ababa is a modern trendy district of town, packed with shopping centers, the Edna Mall cinema, condos, hotels, and plenty of both international and upscale Ethiopian restaurants.I found plenty of Ethiopian cultural restaurants,the most famous being Yod Abyssinia, I tried it out for lunch, it was actually pretty good and not too overpriced. Across the street from the fancy shopping center is the Bole Medhane Alem Cathedral, the largest Ethiopian Orthodox church in Addis, and the second largest church in Africa.The Bole District,also home to the International Airport, is a good town to stay when in Addis Ababa.

View of Bole Medhane Alem Cathedral from my hotel

3. Holy Trinity Cathedral

This massive and ornate cathedral blew me away.The cathedral’s exterior( see featured image), with its large copper dome, spindly pinnacles, numerous statues and flamboyant mixture of international styles, provided an interesting and poignant glimpse into Ethiopia’s history.It’s also the celebrated final resting place of Emperor Haile Selassie and his wife Empress Menen Asfaw. Their massive Aksumite-style granite tombs sit inside and are a sight indeed.Inside,there were grand murals,some brilliant stained-glass windows and two beautifully carved imperial thrones, each made of white ebony ivory and marble.The entrance fee included admission to a small but impressive museum of ecclesiastical artifacts.


 4. Ethiopian cuisine

I’m going to be honest with you, I traveled to Ethiopia with a main purpose to eat Ethiopian food and drink Ethiopian coffee – and neither the food nor the coffee let me down.First of all, with a gigantic platter of a feast placed before you and eating with your hands is fun in Ethiopia. The staple is injera, a spongy great pancake made from teff grain flour. It’s fermented to become sour, and feels like a pancake.Along with injera, Ethiopian food consists of spice filled curries, vegetables, and lots of meat (if you choose it). Eating Ethiopian food is easily one of the super fantasmic experiences ever.


 Addis Ababa is overall a very pleasant city in Africa that offers a good selection of things to do, see and experience.The historical museums, the Ethiopian Orthodox cathedrals and the energetic markets are all great places to explore, but for myself, the true joy of Addis Ababa is sitting down for an Ethiopian feast followed by a couple shots of incredible coffee…..I’ll be sharing the coffee shops I visited on my next and final part of the Ethiopia series on the next post!!








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