Le Grenier à Pain Kenya | A Bakery Tour

This past weekend Brian and I did something different, we had a Bakery Tour 🙂 Located at the Riverside drive,9Riverside building  is Le Grenier à Pain.A French bakery  that boasts of world class products and a reputable heritage. The Bakery has over 30 branches in the world and is one of the top 10 bakeries in Paris and for the first time in Africa, it opened its doors in Nairobi, Kenya mainly with the production running and two Restaurants branches opening soon.


We had the Tour at 7.00 am in the morning so as to allow the team to cater to the customers who start arriving at 8.00am. As soon as we entered it felt like we had been transported to another time and place.Aromas of fresh, home-made cooking  filled the air and welcomed us with a warm embrace. We were received by the team,M.D-Yan Welffens,Agnes Ooko the chief pastry and the chief baker-Wallace.


Just walking into the bakery and seeing the intricate creations was a treat for us. Yan gave us a tour of the bakery ,explaining to us the brand that is Le Grenier à Pain and its introduction to the Kenyan market.


It’s clear we know little about “Bakeology” but Wallace and Agnes were really accommodating, answering all our questions and even going an extra mile to give us details of the products despite being super busy .


Le Grenier à Pain offers freshly baked customized cakes, bread, pastries, patisseries and savouries.It’s clear they specialize in making out of this world creations — like the award wining butter croissant  that you can’t find anywhere else in Africa!

Butter Croissant

The Bakery has won the best” Baquette de Tradition of Paris” award in 2010 and 2015 and the best butter croissant in Paris 2005 and 2015 among others,supplying to L ‘Elysee (French State House for the whole year). With 100% Kenyan production team it’s set to change the bakery scene in Kenya.

Mini Raisins Swirl

Inside the bakery was this pastry museum,cakes and macaroons beautifully displayed.The macaroons were marvels of flavor.We hope you get a chance to experience them for yourself.

This bakery is a gift from the Gods.The Restaurant is set to open in October in 9Riverside building with a second store at the upcoming Two Rivers Mall. Craving something sweet and savory just order we guarantee it will leave you speechless-the real

Our Thoughts:

This Bakery is a place in which hunger, the most basic of human needs, can be replaced with satisfaction in a divine and fulfilling manner. A place in which happiness for the belly and completion of the soul can be found, to say the least.



What you need to know:

  • Currently the bakery is operating under the “grab and go” concept. You’ll have to order by calling 0792478201 and it will be ready for your pick up in 24Hrs.
  • Directions: 9 Riverside Drive just after Imperial Bank, 9Riverside building;

Google Maps -1.269796,36.797251

Reach them on Website Follow them on their Facebook page

On Twitter and Instagram @legrenierapainke











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