Kafe Afrikana


Hello Everyone,

Liz and I are on a quest to visit as many coffee shops as possible.Over the weekend we made an Impromptu visit to Kafe Afrikana located inside Ananas mall in Thika. During the week we had won free vouchers to the cafe courtesy of Eatout and we opted for a small road trip away from the city.


The café has three branches one located at The Mall-Westlands, the other at the Park Suites- Parklands rd and the one we visited at Ananas Mall.The tables and chairs are of a modern type with large flower pots beautifully displayed on the sides.

Kafe Afrikana-inspired by world renown premium coffee grown in Kenya,offers caffeine lovers, food enthusiasts and everyone in between a unique coffee experience. The eatery offers an extensive food menu comprising of light meals .


We both had the white chocolate mocha, I preferred the assorted muffins(blame my sweet tooth) and Liz had an almond croissant(by now you should know her love for croissants is on another level) which was really flaky and ultra fresh. We had a look at their pocket friendly menu,products range between 180/= for a cup of tea to 1600/= for the family combos(2 burgers of choice,2 sandwiches of choice,2 regular chips,garden salad and 1 litre soda)


Almond Croissant

For information on Kafe Afrikana check out their page on Facebook





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