Fort Jesus Tour

We embarked on a past Mombasa visit,check out the previous post here.This time round we decided to take a tour of the majestic Fort Jesus.Brian and I have always had a keen interest in old structures with a deep history to them and Fort Jesus certainly had its fair share of curiosities and wonders.

c (51)

We took a ‘tuktuk’ from CBD to Old town and they charged us 50/= each.On arrival, we were greeted by a small crowd of men each wanting to act as our guide for the day. We insisted on first entering the Fort and while paying the entry charges,the attendants explained to us that they only allow guides who have an authorized badge and we should be clear if we only want a tour inside the port or also include the old town as well.

New and old buildings inside the Fort

Fort Jesus is located on the edge of a coral reef overlooking the entrance to the old port of Mombasa.It symbolizes not only the history of Mombasa, but also the architectural prowess of the Portuguese in designing and building martial structures that are based on Renaissance era values of proportions and geometrical elements.

Portuguese architecture

 Wandering the fort grounds is an insightful journey through Mombasa’s history. The museum opened in 1962 and has become a popular attraction for tourists, students and researchers.

Inside the museum, we found an intriguing collection of archaeological artifacts from the fort, as well as Manda, Ungwana, Gede and other sites, some of which had been donated by private individuals and others that had been recovered from the shipwreck of the San Antonio de Tana that has been at the bottom of the Indian Ocean since 1697.

Outside the Museum we got to take pictures of the fort.

Enjoy 🙂

Portuguese canons:they had a range of 200 meters.


 We got to see amazing views of the Indian ocean and if you look closely you will spot the English Point Marina

 c (148)
We got one of the tour guides to take as round Old Town and we will blog about it soon. We got to the back side of the Fort and had a chance to swim and have lots of fun with the locals.

 c (141)

All in all we had an amazing day .


What you need to know:

  • Photography inside the fort is allowed.
  • Charges

Non-Resident Adult  1200.00
Non-Resident Child 600.00
East African  Resident Adult   400.00
East African Resident Child   200.00
Kenya Citizen Adult   200.00
Kenya Citizen Child   100.00

Open Daily at 8:00am – 6:00pm.

For further information visit their Website








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