Tin Roof Cafe

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”

                -Virginia Woolf.

Tin Roof Cafe is a vibrant and diverse cafe away from the bustle and hustle of the city. It has 2 outlets one at the  (Langata Link shop) and the other at The Souk Karen .The souk houses a bookshop, jewelry shop ,Polka dot art gallery  and a boutique coffee shop-Tin roof cafe.This casual themed café with an indoor cosy setup and an outdoor garden setup was in 2014 voted one of Nairobi’s best restaurant on TripAdvisor.The decor is one of simplicity with mabati buckets serving as flower vases and light shades.


We popped in for a quick breakfast fix and this cute cafe blew us away;

  • Ample and free parking 
  • Free and fast internet
  • Sockets at every table
  • Great music
  • Beautiful natural environment
  • Great ambience




Nestled on the verandah of the cafe is a book-swap shelve that makes the restaurant a very welcoming oasis and charming alternative to the shopping mall chains . Visitor’s are allowed  to bring a book they’ve read ,exchange it for one they haven’t, and read it while enjoying their favorite cup of tea or coffee and other delicacies from their menu. How cool is that?


 Their eclectic menu is delightfully and stylishly presented on the walls and comprises of fresh juices,ice cream scoops ,teas and coffees with soya or decaf options,wine and sweet pastries.For the fitness folks you can always order healthy homemade crispy salads.

We ordered their wild honey sweet pancakes ,chocolate croissants, a hotpot of delicious green tea and a cup of cappuccinõ.Not an avid lover of green tea but we must emphasize on the hibiscus tea that we were served…..it had a savory sweet taste that awakened our taste buds  ,it’s a must try!


Light,flaky ,layered chocolate croissant…..yummy!
We fell in love with these homey spot and can’t wait to go back 🙂
Location: The Souk ,Karen Nairobi.
Pricing: Pocket friendly
Payment method: Cash only
Timing: Mon-Sun: 0830-1730hrs
For more information on Tin roof cafe Visit them  Here





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