Lake Oloiden Campsite

  We all wish we could escape to our favorite hole or walk away from work.Well, not really but equally as enticing (for us at this moment), is camping.




Board a matatu bound for Naivasha from Nairobi at Oilibya Petrol Station along Ronald Ngala Street. Transport 200/= (price subject to matatu shenanigans; it’s Kenya after all)

At Old Naivas Supermarket, board a mat heading to Kongoni. (That’s the last stage on the route). Transport 100/=

Once at Kongoni ask to be directed to Oloiden Camp; it’s a few meters from the shopping center.


Drive to Naivasha town, then branch to Moi South Lake Road.

Head on straight for the next 30km and get on Moi North Lake Road. You will arrive at Kongoni.

From there ask to be directed to Oloiden Campsite. It’s a few meters from the shopping center.


On arrival we were greeted by the friendly staff and this breathtaking view of the lake and Crescent Island on the horizon.We took a quick tour around the property and we couldn’t help but notice the well manicured lawns,tall acacia trees with well fitted security lights to illuminate the campsite at night.You can also enjoy a bonfire at night at predestined locations on the grounds.

About the campsite

camping charges per person per night

700/= with own camping gear (tent and bedding)

1500/= without (camping gear is provided by the management)

Food and drinks are readily available at pocket friendly prices  or you can carry your own. (alcohol is allowed)

Pitched tents

Fun activities

Boat ride on the lake at 2000/= per boat ride for 30 minutes. A boat can accommodate up to 7 people.

We took a boat ride ,watch the video Here on the serene lake and were amazed at the beautiful scenery. We got to see different species of birds, hippos grunting, warthogs, giraffes and gazelles grazing in the neighboring Oserengoni Wildlife sanctuary. (A must visit)

We didn’t make it to camp but planning on it soon. That’s all the time we had and had to sign off with a photo overlooking the sunset.


(Contact Oloiden Camp on 0720354889 for more information)

Hope you enjoyed our first post.







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